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Aeromarine Capital Group is a Kenyan Freight Clearing and Forwarding company driven by the unwavering belief in its original ideology being the combination of flexibility, speed and innovative spirit of an ever changing team with strength, security and integrity of a major Freight Clearing & Forwarding, Shipping and Freight Logistics provider. With years of experience in Freight Clearing & Forwarding, shipping and Supply Chain Freight Logistics, Aeromarine Capital Kenya is known for offering reliable and efficient freight clearing & forwarding service throughout the world. Aeromarine Capital is dedicated to clearing & forwarding your freight and ensures expeditious customs clearance process. With Aeromarine Capital Kenya punctuality is guaranteed by our staunchness in your freight clearing & forwarding logistics from freight shipping to delivery.

Freight clearing & forwarding is essential service and our most important tool for our freight clearing & forwarding clients is personalized service. At Aeromarine Capital Kenya Customer service has been reinvented as the cutting edge of competitiveness in the freight Clearing and Forwarding and freight shipping logistics industry. As competition has become more intense in freight clearing & forwarding, service quality has become crucial determinant for creating overall clearing & forwarding client's satisfaction. Championed by a well established worldwide network from shipping lines to other prominent Freight Clearing and Forwarding Agents Aeromarine Capital Group is a reputed name not only in East Africa Freight Forwarders and air freight Arena but worldwide.

Sea Freight Forwarding

Shipping Cargo on Sea - Ship Sail to KenyaSea freight clearing & forwarding options for LCL/FCL cover containerized, conventional, abnormal and Kenya project freight shipping.

» F.C.L/LCL freight consolidation
» Custom clearance export/import
» Clearing, Warehousing services

Kenya Air Freight

Air Freight - Cargo Plane Loading Kenya ShipmentsAir freight Kenya clearing & forwarding customers have the choice of direct and consolidation services with a range of cost and service categories.
» Custom clearance Export/Import
» Kenya forwarding, clearing, Warehousing, Distribution and delivery

Clearing & Forwarding

Clearing & Forwing Shipping Documents HandlingAeromarine Capital as a Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agents offer wide variety of services in order to help the clients for import and export customs clearances. With Kenya's updated customs regulations and procedures we handle customs clearing process more efficiently and easily.

Kenya Ship Agency

Ship husbandry docks at mombasa kenya We handle shipping documentation for our partner shipping lines in Kenya. We are able to prepare and issue electronically all maritime documents e.g cargo and freight manifest, bill of lading and cargo list. Ship owners, ship operators, and charterers are accorded the necessary attention to detail.